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27th August 2020 – Ithaca, NY – Zymtronix, developer of revolutionary immobilization and process technologies for enzyme applications, has appointed a new member to its Board of Managers. Adam Monroe, who brings extensive experience in the field of industrial biotechnology, will join Zymtronix’s Board of Managers to accelerate Zymtronix’s strategic growth in the coming years.

As a seasoned executive, a strong advocate for the potential of biotechnology and a firm believer in sustainable global development, Adam is a natural addition to Zymtronix’s Board of Managers. Adam, a chemical engineer by training, has a wide breadth of biotechnology experience acquired over a 28-year career at Novozymes, the global biotechnology company. Beginning as a process engineer, Adam then moved from technology and manufacturing management to supply chain direction, and eventually to his role as President of Americas including oversight of Global Sustainability and Public Affairs. Adam has also served as a member and chairman on multiple advisory boards, including as the former Board Chairman of the Industrial and Environmental Section of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the leading US biotechnology organization.

Adam will be joining the current Zymtronix Board to establish growth & fundraising strategies and key decisions governing the evolution of Zymtronix. In this appointment, Adam will take his experience at Novozymes and apply it to Zymtronix’s global strategies. This will strengthen Zymtronix’s competitive edge and accelerate commercial opportunities, while continuing the company’s strong and steady corporate growth.

“Stéphane and his team are conducting amazing science that will open new fronts in the world of biotechnology. It will be an honor to bring my experience to the table so I can help this young company across multiple areas,” said Adam Monroe.

“With his in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in industrial biotechnology, supply chain and product development, Adam is going to help Zymtronix move faster and smarter, and be more competitive, not only in terms of innovation, but also through implementation and execution,” said Stéphane Corgié, Founder and CEO-CTO, Zymtronix.

About Zymtronix

Zymtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc. (DBA Zymtronix, Inc.) is an industrial biotech company formed in 2013 as a spin-off out of Cornell University. The company’s unique immobilization and process platform can enable and improve any biocatalytic reaction involving single enzymes or cell-free systems of multiple enzymes. The adaptable technology allows Zymtronix to offer solutions to various industries, including ingredient manufacturing, food & beverage, flavor & fragrance, active pharmaceutical ingredients, active agricultural ingredients, and fine chemicals. The founder, Stéphane Corgié, PhD (CEO-CTO) is joined by a dedicated and fast-growing team of over 16 employees.

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