Zymtronix is revolutionizing the way enzymes are used across industries.

    Our breakthrough enzyme immobilization platform improves the activity, stability, and delivery of any enzyme. Universal for all enzymes and enzyme systems, the platform maintains full catalytic activity. Our materials allow for innovation and rapid development of enzymatic routes, while being tunable, scalable, and flexible for production. From enzymes as ingredients to custom processes and ingredient production, our patented technology covers a broad range of markets – including pharma, food & beverage, flavors & fragrances, and crop protection. We are designing products, inspired by nature, that are engineered to utilize resources more efficiently and produce less waste while reducing cost.

    About Us

    Addressing global issues by meeting customer needs

    Founded in 2013 at Cornell University, our company now services various industries with award-winning technology. As a leader of the next wave of biocatalysis, we focus on implementing green chemistry processes and achieving the high standards of quality you need at all scales of production.

    Our technology

    Leading the next wave of innovation in enzyme technology

    Our innovative technology has the power to overcome the limitations of using enzymes by improving their activity, stability and reusability. Our unique magnetic metamaterials can be easily implemented at any scale of production, in your existing facilities, for faster processes and better, greener results.

    Products and Applications

    Reaching new customers in more industries

    Our unique enzyme immobilization platform can improve any biocatalytic reactions involving single enzymes or multiple enzyme systems. The adaptable technology allows us to offer solutions to various industries, including food, flavour and fragrance production, APIs & fine chemicals manufacture, agriculture and safety testing.


    Always striving to be at the forefront of a growing market

    We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of performance and to constantly improving our technology to remain leaders of a dynamic market with high growth potential.

    Careers at Zymtronix

    At its core, Zymtronix is a connected and innovative team geared towards making a global impact.
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    Investing with Zymtronix

    Our mission is to lead the next wave of improvements in green chemistry and biocatalysis, significantly reducing costs, time, and environmental impacts, while enabling the production of novel, complex ingredients.
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