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Zymtronix for Safety Testing

Immobilizing and supporting metabolic enzymes for thorough, high-throughput metabolic toxicity screens.

The versatility of our core technology means that we are constantly developing new ways to adapt and use it. Since first developing our magnetic materials they now form a toolbox of technologies that surpass industry standards for biocatalysis through a number of applications. 

Our Technology
With 80,000 consumer chemicals currently in use, and 2,000 being added every year, thorough testing is key to consumer safety. With new standards to increase customer safety, all these chemicals must be assessed for the effects of both the chemicals and their metabolites. To introduce this step seamlessly to high-throughput safety screens, Zymtronix is developing compatible metabolic assays using immobilized enzymes.
What is ZymTox™?

ZymTox™ is a metabolic assay that is compatible with existing high-throughput screening technology. Combinations of metabolic enzymes can be included in a single screen to mimic human metabolism and thoroughly test the metabolites of consumer chemicals.  

How does ZymTox™ work?

ZymTox™ takes advantage of the universality of our magnetic materials to immobilize combinations of multiple metabolic enzymes. Consumer chemicals can then be applied to the ZymTox™ assay and the metabolites tested with high-throughput screening. This solution means that the greater need for chemical screening can be met easily, with little disruption to current infrastructure. 

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We are always developing ways to service key industries and bring next wave biocatalysis to new markets. Contact us to learn more about ZymTox™ and our services for the safety testing market. 

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Our technology has been recognized repeatedly as a breakthrough in enzyme immobilization, so you can be assured it will support high performance biocatalysis.

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