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Zymtronix for Process Chemistry

Providing fully active, immobilized enzymes optimized to your manufacturing process.

The versatility of our core technology means that we are constantly developing new ways to adapt and use it. Since first developing our magnetic materials they now form a toolbox of technologies that surpass industry standards for biocatalysis through a number of applications. 

Our Technology
Since the turn of the century, there has been a move away from using expensive and inefficient chemicals to catalyze synthesis of the compounds needed for nutritious food and effective pharmaceuticals. Industry is on the lookout for greener, more sustainable and cost effective alternatives.

Biocatalysis achieves green chemistry by using natural or engineered enzymes to drive the synthesis of molecules in a more natural way. However, when producing molecules at an industrial scale, enzymes can suffer drastic losses in activity and loadings, causing a significant drop in performance. ZymTrap™ for process chemistry offers process-oriented solutions to deliver biocatalysis without compromising on performance.

What does ZymTrap™ do?

ZymTrap™ is a full system of products and services from Zymtronix that takes you from finding the right enzymes for your reaction to delivering next wave biocatalysis at an industrial scale. Our system is broken down into simple phases that can each be individually tailored and optimized to meet the needs of your process. Importantly, our universal technology can work with any enzymes and so there is no need to disclose proprietary information about your enzyme or the target reaction.

How does ZymTrap™ work?

Zymtrap™ has been developed as a series of products that can be individually optimized to get the most out of your biocatalysis.

The Starter Kit -  Zymtrap™-SK is the first step in achieving next wave biocatalysis. It screens several immobilized enzymes in magnetic materials to find the enzyme that can reach maximum activity in your process. In a convenient 96-well format, Zymtrap™-SK is fast, cost effective and efficient. 

The Maximizer - Zymtrap™-Mx tests your immobilized enzyme in various ratios of carrier to optimize the reaction conditions and reach the highest loading possible. The Zymtrap™-Mx is available in a 96-well format with your immobilized enzyme and substrate, tailored for your process.  

The Materials - Zymtrap™-Mat are the magnetic materials that make up the last stage of the optimizing phase. They are combined with your chosen enzymes in the maximized conditions to pilot test and optimize your process in small scale. Once optimized we can work together to bring next wave biocatalysis to an industrial scale. Zymtrap™-Mat have the highest magnetic susceptibility on the market so once your reaction is complete, you can recover the materials and enzymes with a simple magnet. 

Want to learn more about ZymTrap™?

The Zymtrap™ range of products is now available to improve manufacturing of molecules for foods, flavors & fragrances, pigments, pharmaceuticals and many more small molecules. Contact us to find out how we can help you to implement next wave biocatalysis. 

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Our technology has been recognized repeatedly as a breakthrough in enzyme immobilization, so you can be assured it will support high performance biocatalysis.

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