Zymtronix for Agriculture

Stabilizing and delivering biocidal enzymes to create unique, sustainable and responsible processes for crop protection.

The versatility of our core technology means that we are constantly developing new ways to adapt and use it. Since first developing our magnetic materials they now form a toolbox of technologies that surpass industry standards for biocatalysis through a number of applications. 

Our Technology
We understand how difficult it is to pass stringent sanitary inspections when plant pathogens are everywhere and can travel on seeds. ZymPureTM uses stabilized biocidal and fungicidal enzymes to offer a cleansing solution to the agriculture industry.
What is ZymPure™ seed cleansing?

ZymPure™ seed cleanser is a dry formula that can be solubilized in water to quickly cleanse whole batches of seeds. As a seed disinfectant, ZymPure™ sanitizes seeds at room temperature, in minutes, to kill a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi without affecting the viability of the seeds.

How it does ZymPure™ work?

Immobilized biocidal and fungicidal enzymes allow controlled release of potent antibacterial free-radicals onto the seeds. 

ZymPure™ effectively protects your seeds simultaneously against a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi. Our solution works at low concentrations of enzymes and drastically reduces the need for chemicals, protecting against resistance over time. 

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Pathogens can affect crops at any stage in their cycle, from storage and travel until germination and growth. We know that seeds are a valuable commodity, and that loss of crops can be devastating so we have developed a formula of our unique technology to coat and protect seeds at every stage.
What does ZymGuard™ do?

ZymGuard™ seed coating formulation can be applied to batches of seeds to protect them and reduce losses. The coating shields the seeds with a layer of biocidal and fungicidal enzymes that protect the seed right through to planting and germination. 


When combined with antibiotics (center dot), ZymGuard™ prevents the emergence of antibiotic resistant-bacteria


ZymGuard™ kills all bacteria as compared to the control (bottom right quadrant)


ZymGuard™ fully controls this damping-off pathogen in-vitro (right plate) compared to the control (left plate)


ZymGuard™ drastically reduces the growth of this fungal pathogen (right plate) compared to the control (left plate)

How does ZymGuard™ work?

The ZymGuard™ seed coating covers seeds with a layer of immobilized and stabilized enzymes. The antibacterial and fungicidal properties of our formulation protect the seed and then disperse into the surrounding soil after planting to protect the seedling during germination. ZymGuard™ can be co-formulated with existing bio(chemicals) for enhanced protection. 

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Our technology has been recognized repeatedly as a breakthrough in enzyme immobilization, so you can be assured it will support high performance biocatalysis.

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