Our Technology

The next wave in biocatalysis

Immobilization that makes a big difference

Our technology uses highly magnetic materials to deliver a unique, clean method of enzyme immobilization. These materials self assemble and immobilize enzymes to become metamaterials, without interfering with their individual properties. This allows Zymtronix technology to surpass industry standards in biocatalysis and achieve better results and greater returns.

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What can our technology do?

Reach higher loadings

We know that achieving maximum loadings when immobilizing enzymes is a key element to get the most out of biocatalysis. Our optimization phase ensures that enzymes work at their fullest and gives you more control over the volume and cost of the carrier in your reaction. Reaching these higher enzyme loadings leaves more volume available for your reaction and improves productivity.

Stabilize enzymes in even complex conditions

Every new biocatalysis application adds new conditions under which enzymes need to work. These enzymes must not only survive, but also remain active in the varied and complex conditions. After immobilizing enzymes with our magnetic metamaterials, they are shielded and protected against denaturation.

Achieve 100+% enzyme activity

After immobilization, enzymes can often suffer a drastic loss of activity if their active sites or structures are compromised. Zymtronix's magnetic materials assemble around enzymes without disrupting their natural properties to maintain, or even enhance, their reaction performance. Our optimization phase quickly finds the conditions that work best in a specific enzyme or systems of enzymes, to ensure any enzymes used are reaching full activity.

Enable easy reuse of both materials and enzymes

Entrapped in Zymtronix's material, any enzyme can achieve great things, so neither should go to waste. For process chemistry, the highly magnetic susceptibility of our materials means that they can be easily recovered in seconds with a simple magnet. This allows them, and the enzymes they entrap, to be used longer, making your processes more sustainable.
How does it work?

3 unique levels of technology to maximize your enzyme potential

1 Stabilize

Magnetic metamaterials entrap enzymes

Our highly magnetic matrix assembles around enzymes and entraps them permanently in pores that fit them. This matrix physically shields enzymes from degradation and protects them against denaturation. 

2 Support

Porous magnetic scaffolds support for increased resilience

At the microscale, magnetic carriers automatically assemble the enzyme-containing matrices onto their surface to further support the structure. These highly magnetic, solvent-resistant carriers can be fully designed and tailored to meet the requirements of your reaction. They are available as hydrophilic and hydrophobic and shaped as powders, particles, beads or porous monoliths to fit your process needs. 

3 Control

A simple magnet enables recovery and reuse

The core of our technology uses highly magnetic metamaterials that enable our materials and the immobilized enzymes to both be captured and controlled throughout the reaction. From packed bed processes to continuous flow reactors, we can easily retrofit process solutions to improve the efficiency of your enzymatic processes. 


Our technology has been recognized repeatedly as a breakthrough in enzyme immobilization, so you can be assured it will support high performance biocatalysis.

Global IP

Our protected IP means Next Wave Biocatalysis is truly unique. 

We protect our IP internationally throughout the core applications of our technology in API and fine chemical manufacturing, agriculture and safety testing.

As we are always developing more applications for our nanoparticles, we are also constantly growing our IP portfolio to bring Next Wave Biocatalysis to new industries.