15 December 2016 – Ithaca, NY – Zymtronix, developer of revolutionary enzyme immobilization technologies, today announced the launch of its new brand, with the core focus being on the next wave of biocatalysis. Innovation in the field of biocatalysis has developed in waves over the last century. Zymtronix believes it has the technology to establish and lead the next wave of biocatalysis. The new brand identity has been designed to position the company as a biocatalysis innovator that can work across a range of industries, using any enzyme or any system of enzymes. 


Biocatalysis is the solution to a lot of problems in chemical manufacturing, including efficiency and waste. However, enzymes can suffer massive reductions in performance and stability that limit their use when used on a large scale. Zymtronix’s technology addresses this loss in performance by immobilizing any enzyme, universally allowing enzymes to maintain 100% activity at higher loadings. Additionally, both enzymes and materials are easily recoverable in process chemistry methods, when using Zymtronix’s technology. By immobilizing and stabilizing entire systems of enzymes, Zymtronix’s technology is poised to initiate the next wave of biocatalysis that will enable industrial scale biocatalysis without compromising on cost effectiveness or productivity.


“Our new brand identity will enable us to support innovators within the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, agricultural and safety testing industries through implementing next wave biocatalysis,” said Stéphane Corgié, Founder and CEO-CTO, Zymtronix. 


About Zymtronix


Zymtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc. (DBA Zymtronix, Inc.) is a life science company formed in 2013 as a spin-off out of Cornell University Research. The company provides many industries – pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, agriculture and safety testing – with cost-effective solutions to maximize performance and usability of enzymes in all applications. The founders, Stéphane Corgié, PhD (CEO-CTO) and Juan Diego Alonso JD-MBA (CFO) are joined by Dr. Joseph Marasco who leads the company’s business development efforts as Chief Business Officer of Pharmaceutical Operations.


For more information about Zymtronix, please visit www.zymtronix.com


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