Zymtronix receives grant money from the National Science Foundation.

Phase I abstract

This Small Business Innovation Research Phase I project aims to increase the effectiveness of oxidative enzymes of high potential in chemical synthesis and chemical remediation applications. Enzyme-based systems, the greenest and most energy efficient processes known to-date, are replacing chemical-based systems due to their superior potential for energy savings and environmental benefits. While at the forefront of the green chemistry revolution, however, enzyme-based systems are difficult to come by. Their adoption has not been as fast, as widespread, or as beneficial as it otherwise could be because oxidative enzymes are not cost effective enough to replace chemicals. 

Zymtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc. is developing an integrated technology to supercharge oxidative enzymes to meet and exceed minimum industrial requirements- allowing said enzymes to cost-effectively replace chemicals. The project objectives consist of (1) manufacturing continuous flow reactors dedicated to processing Zymtronix’s catalysts, (2) developing a synthesis process for key pharmaceutical precursors used in cancer treatment, and (3) demonstrating the remediation application for industrial contaminants. The anticipated technical results will benchmark reactor characteristics and the catalytic metrics of the aforementioned processes.