Zymtronix has been selected as a semifinalist for the EPA-lead Transform Tox Testing Challenge. The challenge aims to revolutionize the current approaches used to evaluate the safety of chemicals and better protect human health by evaluating not only the chemicals but also their metabolites. Metabolites are the molecules resulting from the conversion of chemicals by biological systems, including detoxifying enzymes found in the human liver. “Zymtronix has a unique platform that can assemble synthetic enzymatic routes to mimic natural biological systems. We are excited to advance our universal enzyme immobilization platform toward metabolic enzymes and high-throughput screening” says Stéphane Corgié, CEO of Zymtronix.

About the Tox Challenge

Current toxicity testing methods use a wide range of in vitro high-throughput screening (HTS) assays that often lack metabolic competence. The EPA, NIH, NCATS and NIEHS are working together to spur the development of technologies that can provide metabolic competence to widely used assays with its Transform Tox Testing Challenge. This challenge is designed as a multi-stage event, with prizes awarded upon advancement to each successive stage. Find more about the challenge at www.transformtoxtesting.com.

Zymtronix Catalytic Systems, Inc.

(DBA Zymtronix, Inc.) is a life science company formed in 2013 as a spin-off from Cornell University research. The company provides the industry – pharmaceutical companies and enzyme manufacturers – cost-effective solutions to maximize the use of enzymes for drug discovery, testing and manufacturing. In traditional chemistry, making pharmaceutical drugs requires a long series of labor-intensive, expensive reactions, while employing immobilized enzymes cuts the number of necessary reactions, energy and hazardous chemicals. The founders, Stéphane Corgié, PhD and Juan Diego Alonso JD-MBA, are joined by Dr. Joseph Marasco who leads the company’s business development efforts as Chief Business Officer of Pharmaceutical Operations.