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Innovating the chemistries of tomorrow using responsible and high performance technologies across various industries.

We believe in finding a way to meet the complex needs of industries with our universal and cost effective solutions. Our goal is to enable our clients to achieve greater results for their customers while also tackling global issues of safety, sustainability and globalization.

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Immobilizing and stabilizing any enzymes to achieve full performance biocatalysis in major industries and markets

The use of enzymes in production is continuously growing across industries to cut costs and gain efficiency. Our universal technology maximizes the potential of enzymes in tough and varied conditions to create the ultimate green chemistry catalysts. We currently offer solutions to agriculture, chemical safety testing and ingredient production businesses; we are always working to bring next wave biocatalysis to more customers.

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A committed team of professionals with years of experience in our target industries.

Our board of directors oversee the company's approach and strategy towards growth, R&D efforts, IP and commercialization plans.
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We are always looking for partners that want to work with us to tackle the problems of today and tomorrow.

We believe in finding universal and cost-effective solutions to meet the complex needs of the industries we serve. Our approach means we are always working to improve so that the technology and services our customers receive is state-of-the-art. We are always striving to lead the next wave of biocatalysis.
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Our technology has been recognized repeatedly as a breakthrough in enzyme immobilization, so you can be assured it will support high performance biocatalysis.


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