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We are always looking for bright minds to join our growing team of innovators.

Our team is made up of analytical scientific minds and keen business brains with a spirit for innovation and discovery. Enquire below if you are interested in being part of the team that is developing solutions to tackle global issues. 

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There are currently no vacancies, but send us your details as we are always interested to meet new talents.


"The interdisciplinary nature of Zymtronix's technology grants employees experience in a number of R&D fields, from biochemistry, to chemical engineering, to prototyping. Meanwhile, the team gains insight into our target industries to which we cater our various applications of our platform as well as entrepreneurship."

Rani Brooks

Biochemistry Lead

"Zymtronix has an exciting and fast-paced atmosphere where I've gotten to work on new, innovative ideas within an amazing team."

Brielle Hohne

Biochemistry Intern


Our technology has been recognized repeatedly as a breakthrough in enzyme immobilization, so you can be assured it will support high performance biocatalysis.

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