Stéphane Corgié PhD

Founder, CEO-CTO

Stéphane invented the Zymtronix core technology and still remains the science and engineering lead of the company.

His research at Cornell has been focused on microbial ecology, microbial and enzymatic activities, and nano-biotechnology methods to develop bioconversion processes for sustainable and renewable energy and products. Stéphane actively participates in cross-field research and outreach programs at Cornell.

He holds an MSc in Soil Science, Microbial Ecology and Molecular Biology from the University Henri Poincare (Nancy, France). During his PhD (LIMOS laboratory, Nancy, France), he studied plant-microbe interactions and dynamics applied to the conversion and biodegradation of toxic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH).

Favorite Enzyme: Alcohol Dehydrogenase
My favorite enzyme is Alcohol Dehydrogenase, to fully enjoy a French Bourgogne, an italian Amarone or a Spanish Ribera Del Duero.

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