Ricki Chairil MEng

Chemical Engineering Lead

Ricki is the Chemical Engineering Lead at Zymtronix. Prior to joining the team in June 2015, he worked as a research intern for the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences in Singapore, where he developed, optimized, and presented a protocol for synthesizing and testing magnetic nanoparticles for use in fungi immobilization and capture. Additionally, as a graduate student at Cornell University, he produced and analyzed electrospun tungsten oxide-loaded polymer nanofibers, which show promise as novel catalysts for hydrogen sulfide removal from process and waste gas streams in the energy industry. At Zymtronix, Ricki is mostly responsible for exploring new avenues of scale-up; production and testing of ZymTrapTM-Mat magnetic scaffolding material; (bio)-chemical reaction modeling, and process design. Ricki’s research and industry interests are in renewable energy, catalysis, nanotechnology, and chemical processing. 

Ricki is originally from Los Angeles, CA, and earned his BSc (magna cum laude) from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2014 and his MEng from Cornell University in 2015, both in chemical engineering.

Favourite Enzyme: Capsaicin Synthase
Because I greatly enjoy spicy foods, one of my favorite enzymes is capsaicin synthase, which biosynthesizes the 'heat' producing compound capsaicin in hot peppers.

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