Rene Bonomi

Business Development Lead

Rene is the business development lead for Zymtronix. His role includes performing market analysis, establishing and maintaining client relations and project management. He supports the CEO and CFO on investor relations, financial modeling and fundraising efforts. Rene received his MBA from Cornell University and a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar).

Prior to Zymtronix, Rene worked for several years in Investment Banking and Management Consulting and, on the side, he was the social projects manager for a non-profit institution focused on leadership education.

Rene speaks three languages fluently and he is learning two additional languages. He enjoys playing soccer, playing drums with his band, and he also likes to volunteer in his free time.

Enzyme: Catalase
It catalyses hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen and protects organisms from free radicals. It also has industrial uses to prevent certain contaminants in food.
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