Joe Marasco PhD

Chief Business Officer - Pharmaceuticals

Joe is the chief business officer of pharma applications and brings growth-stage business development and operational experience to Zymtronix through his 28-year career of commercializing chemical and biochemical technologies, particularly to the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Zymtronix, Joe was CEO and Board Member of Diffinity Genomics, during which he led the acquisition of the firm by Chiral Technologies Corp. in 2015. Before that, Joe was CEO and board member of Chiral Quest Corp., a U.S.-headquartered fine chemical and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing firm. After raising venture capital and building a large R&D and manufacturing facility in Suzhou, China, under his leadership sales revenue increased 300%. He has also served in several other leadership roles in both early-stage and publicly traded firms including Dow Chemical, Beckman, and Kaneka, building a $70 million business in custom product collaborations with major pharmaceutical firms. Joe earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from University of Virginia, and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship in Biochemistry at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Favourite Enzyme: Telomerase
As a "senior" member of the team, my favorite enzyme is telomerase, which is studied for its effects on longevity and possible immortality.

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