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The next wave in biocatalysis

A truly unique approach to enzyme immobilization recognized with many awards.

Optimizing enzyme immobilization to create unique, sustainable and responsible processes for high performance biocatalysis. 

Our unique enzyme immobilization platform improves the activity, stability and reusability of any enzyme, or combination of enzymes, beyond what is possible elswhere. Our technology allows for greater control over your biocatalysts, while guaranteeing no loss in activity. It is our mission to help you make your biocatalysis work better, whatever the application.

With over 20 employees, we are committed to the customer.

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Optimizing any enzyme immobilization to create unique, sustainable and responsible processes for high performance biocatalysis.


First wave of biocatalysis

Rosenthaler used a plant extract to synthesise (R)-mandelonitrile. As a result it was recognised that biological components could be used to induce chemical transformations.


Second wave of biocatalysis

The dawn of protein engineering widened the library of enzymes available as catalysts.


Third wave of biocatalysis

Biocatalysis started to be used on an industrial scale in 2002, when DSM used engineered lipases in the production process for Diltiazem.


Zymtronix was founded

Our two founders met during a business lecture at Cornell University.


Granted an NSF Phase IB award


Started a collaboration with Codexis


Granted the NSF Phase II award


Won the Mai Challenge Bangkok Business Competition


Won the New York Business Plan Competition


Finalists in the Transform Tox Testing Challenge


Started a collaboration with Almac


ZymTrap screening launch


Granted a USDA SBIR Phase I


ZymPure available for testing

Production of molecules is moving towards green chemistry processes such as biocatalysis as a biodegradable, sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional manufacture.
What is green chemistry?

The initiative towards green chemistry is all about creating and redesigning products and processes to conserve natural resources, reduce hazardous waste and minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing.

What is biocatalysis?

Biocatalysis is all about enzymes. Enzymes are nature's catalysts, proteins that drive biochemical reactions. Biocatalysis for manufacture extends this natural mechanism to generate enzymes that can initiate and facilitate the synthesis of industrially relevant compounds in a way that fulfils the principles of green chemistry.

Why use biocatalysis?

Biocatalysis has the potential to be superior to traditional chemocatalysis in every aspect. Enzymes are regio-selective, more efficient and require milder conditions than chemical catalysts. They are also reusable and biodegradeable. These benefits mean that traditional difficulties of process chemistry can be overcome. 

Why use immobilization?

We know the power of enzymes, but they can be difficult to use in industrial conditions. Our advanced enzyme immobilization technology can greatly improve the thermal stability, pH tolerance, activity, and reusability of any enzyme. 

What is the next wave of biocatalysis?

The field of biocatalysis has developed in waves over the last 100 years since its discovery. In this time there have been three waves of innovation that have advanced the technology available. Zymtronix is focussed on leading the next wave of biocatalysis.

The next wave of biocatalysis will allow the combinations of enzymes as cell-like systems to be applied to large scale biocatalysis without compromising on cost effectiveness or activity of enzymes. Zymtronix's magnetic metamaterial technology is poised to advance what is achieveable and bring the next wave of biocatalysis.

We focus on optimizing any enzyme immobilization to create unique, sustainable and responsible processes for high performance biocatalysis.
Our mission

To provide our customers with the tools to combine and optimize any enzymes and reduce the time, cost and environmental impact of their processes.

Our vision

To lead the next wave of biocatalysis with next generation, enzyme immobilization technologies. To help our customers use next wave biocatalysis to tackle global issues by increasing food supplies, reducing the cost of medicines and ensuring consumer chemicals are safe.

Our brand promise

To provide our customers with unique enzyme immobilization technology that optimizes all enzyme reactions to their full potential.

Our brand values

Driving innovation - Customer focussed service – Environmental responsibility – Transparency


Seeking to expand next wave biocatalysis and bring new solutions to more customers.

We are providing flexible, high performance solutions to widespread problems encountered by our customers in process chemistry, agriculture and safety testing.

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