Recognized expertise in biocatalysis and cutting-edge enzyme immobilization technology pioneered at Cornell University

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Enabling green chemistry processes to reach full potential at all scales of production

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Universal technology that can improve any biocatalytic reaction across many industries

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Leading the next wave of biocatalysis in fast growing, dynamic markets

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The next wave in biocatalysis

Optimizing enzyme immobilization to create unique, sustainable and responsible processes.

Our breakthrough enzyme immobilization platform improves the activity, stability and reusability of any enzyme. Immobilized enzymes in our magnetic scaffolds allow for greater control over your biocatalysts, while guaranteeing no loss in activity. It is our mission to help you make your biocatalysis work better, whatever the application.

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Seeking to expand next wave biocatalysis and bring new solutions to more customers.

We are providing flexible, high performance solutions to widespread problems encountered by our customers in process chemistry, agriculture and safety testing.

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